Image vs. Gentrification

During the evening Image vs. Gentrification (Obraz vs. gentrifikace) I gave a lecture on the visual strategies influential developer companies are using in order to achieve general consent with huge architectural projects in the city of Bratislava. By analysing the aesthetics of architecture visualisations, dubious visual presentation of the specific projects and their PR strategies I offered a closer look on the current situation in Bratislava and unraveled the hidden propaganda in visual language of Bratislava’s so-called “Manhattan” project.

All speakers of the event:
MICHAELA PIXOVÁ (FSV UK, CZ): Co je vlastně gentrifikace?
MARK JAN VAN TELLINGEN (Amsterdam, NL): The Aesthetics of Exclusion
LENKA HÁMOŠOVÁ (Bratislava, SK): Vizuálny jazyk developerských projektov bratislavského Manhattanu