Satirical collages for BRUTUS 2019

The goal of the BRUTUS Architecture Anti-Award is to point out the architecture and its authors and co-creators, whose resulting work demonstrates a combination of anti-talent and a lack of vision, thereby contributing to social or environmental decline. (Counterpart to the International Pritzker Architecture Prize). The quality and the cultural value of architecture reflects the state of our society.
Anti-Award BRUTUS, which parasites at the Architecture Award of the Chamber of Architects of Slovakia (CE.ZA.AR), announces nominations and laureate for the year 2019. Compared to the previous year, the jury expanded to include a foreign member, thus officially becoming an international jury. During the summer, the general public had the opportunity to participate in the submission of works for II. year of the Anti-Award.
The public nominated a total of 35 below-average quality works in 2019, of which an international jury nominated ten, and one of them was an absolute winner. This year, the jury also gave a special award in the category: The Own Goal.

Brutus noun
1. Roman politician Marcus Brutus, who led a conspiracy to assassinate Julius Caesar (85-42 BC)
2. local jargon for a facepalm-like/shocking situation, something “brutal”

I made these satirical collages to illustrate the absurd logic of awarded works and to help the news about the Anti-Award become viral and compulsively shareable on social media.

So, what has bothered Slovaks in the field of architecture and buil in the year 2019/ what is “BRUTUS”?

Prešov Central Station, collage by Lenka Hamosova

 1. Train station architecture or the return of the good old days of horse rail. 
BRUTUS nomination belongs to the reconstruction of the square in front of the train station in Prešov. The new station walls are decorated with a kitsch photo-wallpaper depicting wild horses. The city Prešov got a nickname “Koňare”, which connects the city with a history of horse markets, but using a generic photo wall is in this context inappropriate.

Fun fact: the photo wallpaper was already shown in the architectural visualizations, however, because this kind of visual medium proved itself to be highly unrealistic in other cases, probably nobody expected the visualization to come true.

Prešov Central Station, collage by Lenka Hamosova

5. Proxenta Residence in Bratislava

This new residential building received the most votes from anonymous and semi-anonymous respondents. Located in a busy and complicated area of Racianske Myto, it will undoubtedly create a quality environment for its future residents. The peculiar facade design exposed in such busy square has already earned the nickname “Zebra Ass” during its relatively short existence. BRUTUS goes to Proxenta Investment Group!

Zebra Ass/Proxenta Residence, collage by: Lenka Hamosova

8. Castle patisserie in Liptovský Trnovec

This “tasteful” reconstruction also appeared in the public survey – BRUTUS is the absence of consideration of the context of the country and the environment or, in other words, surplus labour without context. Nominated in the category of “aesthetics dilemmas”, but it is always true that one can never win against the taste!

Patisserie in Liptovský Trnovec, satirical collage by: Lenka Hamosova

BRUTUS manifest

BRUTUS wants to point out low-quality Slovak architecture and urban development in conceptual, social, cultural and technical terms. Constructive criticism is not meant to be criticism itself, but a rather humorous search for solutions in discussion. Therefore, BRUTUS does not reduce itself to judging the individual dilemmas of aesthetics but seeks lessons from the crisis.

BRUTUS specifically monitors achievements in the field of public works, especially those supported by public spending. It monitors the processes of construction and urban development in public administration and self-government. It monitors the state of public spaces and thinking about public space. It monitors the reconstruction, renovation and adaptation of buildings, especially in the field of renovation of the cultural heritage, as well as the fragmentation of power and climate change. BRUTUS is interested in the landscape, its urban design and infrastructure and large projects. BRUTUS observes problematic social contexts affecting public space, housing and urban environmental development.

The mission of the BRUTUS Anti-Award is to raise public awareness of the work of architects, urban planners in society, the importance and impact of this profession across society.

source: Anticena za architektúru BRUTUS má druhý ročník!/Denník N (in Slovak)