Apathy Paradox | interactive website

self-initiated project | Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam | 2014

The concept and design of the interactive website: apathyparadox.nl.

It’s designed intentionally hard to read and simulating the distractions internet users are encountering while reading online. The content itself is an essay on “comfortable apathetic” state of mind caused by information overload and daily kaleidoscope of entertaining distractions.
The essay consists of two voices contradicting each other. The main voice/text is set in the form of short paragraphs with a number of related hashtags that are summing up the content of the paragraph above.

The second voice hovers around and above the main text in the form of annoying advertisements and pop-up windows (yes, you should obviously turn off your AdBlock if you want to actually see it). These elements are constantly interrupting the continuity of reading and making it literally almost impossible to not loose the last bits of your attention. However, this applies only in the case of a passive reader.
The website is encouraging curious readers to find out how to resist the distraction, not only by strong will and focus, but by action. (Hint: it’s all about clicking…)

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Apathy Paradox: graduation essay website
design and essay: Lenka Hamosova
coding: Matúš Tejiščák