Enter the Year: 2012-2013 | book design

commissioned project | Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam | 2015

I got the opportunity to edit and design the yearbook of Sandberg Instituut’s Design Department. The yearbook is an insight in the life of Design department in the time range of one year. Traditionally it consists of all the student’s projects, graduation projects, workshops, lectures, field trips or any significant events of the particular year.

the concept:
Is chronology always the best narration concept?

I decided to experiment with the narration concept and to go against chronology in this case. Linear sequence of events and projects is a traditional idea that might be expected from a book. But the reality of life at this department feels much more different. From my own experience I know how the perception of time and „action-reaction rule“ is often broken there. The year at the department is a huge shake with a snow globe, or a crazy rollercoaster ride up-side-down. That‘s why in this book the time doesn‘t play any role. It‘s the connections between things that have the main word. It’s linking the events and projects together on the basis of consequences – consequences that sometimes go back in time and influence the past. Each spread consists of multiple layers of (visual) information the reader can dive in and perceive them all at once.

„This greatly designed book reads like a rollercoaster diving into all those layers that are making a vibrant education. Lenka Hamosova has intuitively edited all layers that made one academic year. She shows how the individual and the collective, and how the personal and the global are in constant relation. The publication as a whole shows how design is a means to express, to reflect and to engage; how design is in between things.“
(Annelys de Vet)

The complete yearbook at issuu.

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Enter The Year: 2013-14

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