A workshop on visual literacy and the power of images — flickering between google images, memes, paintings, rap videos and propaganda.

18th – 22nd April 2016 at VSVU/Academy of Fine Arts and Design – Typolab, Bratislava, Slovakia

By Lenka Hamosova and S†ëfan Schäfer

Introduction text of the workshop:
“In almost every situation in daily life we are surrounded by a tremendous amount of images. Some we take ourselves for instance with cameras of our smartphones, tablets or other devices; others circulate within digital uncertainty to end up in the form of jpgs on our screens at home on the computer, on the way on our phones, to others we are exposed in public space in form of advertising, propaganda, street art, etc. In all, the digital and the physical are in a immediate and constant coexistence. It is up to ourselves to find a pathway through this visual jungle consisting of an image overload, by realising the relevance of images and its diverse types, specific usage, context, habitats in order to make them your own as powerful tools.”

Together with S†ëfan Schäfer (Digital Necropolis, Amsterdam) we developed this workshop for the students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava – the goal was to open up a discussion about images (in a broad sense) that are surrounding us now more than ever, even finding their way in our daily communication. Graphic designers should not only work with images as elements of their layouts, but also understand images as part of their native visual language and learn how to translate their meaning efficiently. During the workshop we talked about contemporary visual culture phenomenons, analyzed found images and the students were guided in the process of translation of the meaning/message into a 3D object. By doing so, the students were exercising cross-media translation, playing with context of the message and directly experiencing the continual dialogue between the physical vs. the virtual.



Lenka Hamosova, Stefan Schäfer & the selfie stick @ VSVU/AFAD, Bratislava

more images more power

students working on the assignment

some of students’ end-products:


Trust me, I'm an engineer - Filip Ciho

Trust me, I’m an engineer – Filip Ciho

Die Dönerbretzel - Jakub Dušička

Die Dönerbretzel – Jakub Dušička

Greetings from the Facebook Newsfeed - Zuzana Uhalová

personal fb newsfeed – Zuzana Uhalová

Just lick it - Tereza Maco

Just lick it – Tereza Maco

Slovná hračka (play on words) - Jakub Lysý

Slovná hračka (play on words) – Jakub Lysý

exhibition at Photoport Gallery

from the exhibition at Photoport Gallery

Participating students:
Alžbeta Halušková, Jakub Dušička, Jakub Lysý, Kristína Jandová, Ester Nemcová, Filip Ciho, Zuzana Uhalová,
Tereza Maco

Special thanks to Palo Bálik, the department of Visual Communication and Filip Vančo/Photoport Gallery.

If you have any questions, feedback or want to know more about the workshop, contact me at lenkahamosova [at] gmail [dot] com.