Utopian dreams for dystopian realities

Blinding Tomorrows
Slovakia has been told to wait for brighter and better tomorrows for many decades, and it has become the ultimate slogan of utopia. Especially in the times when nobody can imagine what utopia could look like this slogan gains more sense – the better tomorrows are so bright, one can not even look that way without going blind.

Participation in collaborative visual essay on international utopias commissioned by Annelys de Vet (Subjective atlas) for the Dutch
magazine OneWorld issue dedicated to Utopia.

The concept of utopia refers to the representation of an idealised world presented to us as an alternative to the existing, through a criticism of the latter. As an idealised thought or idea, it may never come true, but instead, it can open new visions projecting today’s reality beyond our global imagination and understanding.
It was in 1516 when Thomas More coined the concept of utopia out of his imagination. He projected and idealistic world located in a non-physical located island called Utopia. Using it as a tool, More questioned philosophical, political and economical morals of England criticising the society of his time.