Dialetheia | Graduation Show 2014 Opening

Graduates 2014

Tessel Brühl,
Giada Fiorindi,
Lenka Hamosova,
Anja Kaiser,
Polina Medvedeva,
Mark Jan van Tellingen,
Jaroslav Toussaint,
Rasmus Svensson,
Tommi Vasko.

Sandberg Instituut
Design Department
Think Tank for Visual Strategies

The view that a statement can be true and not
true at the same time is dialetheism. Such statements
are called true contradictions, or dialetheia.

The 2014 Graduates of Sandberg Instituut’s
Design Department confront the dilemmas of our
disoriented times. Witnessing and accelerating the
deterioration of formal rules and systems, they have
a tendency to point out contradictions. They are
willing and wanting to embrace incongruity as reality,
and as a condition for new possibilities.

Forward-thinking, risk-taking critical optimists,
the graduates reflect on the present with a sense
of clarity and an alternative perspective. They narrate,
enact and embody the polemic tendencies of society
today. They challenge alleged truths and dominant
systems, those so engrained as to become invisible.
Dialetheism is emerging as a mode of thinking
and of being.

26th—29th June
Framer Framed at Tolhuistuin
Buiksloterweg 5c, 1031 CC Amsterdam

26th June