#apathy #survival #whatever

Consumerism is not satisfying people’s needs and desires, but is creating new ones instead. It is a myth, constructed and designed to please you, to comfort you, to make you want more, to fool you, to consume you.

The inevitable consequence of the unbearable lightness of consumerist being is comfortable apathy. But while it seems that an apathetic public is distracted, and thereby in the perfect state for manipulation, apathy is in fact the most political action. Institutionalized power gives an illusion of participation, while it only triggers small local acts that confirm the exclusion of the public from politics. Who said it’s bad, when we don’t participate?
#apathy #survival #whatever reverses the tools formerly created for marginalizing the public as an act of resistance, becoming a survival strategy for the 21st century. Fight apathy with apathy… or, whatever.

#apathy #survival #whatever (6 min 15 s)
released on 25th of Jun 2014
visuals, lyrics & music by Lenka Hamosova