Site-specific installation for Dialetheia Graduation Show 2014

The installation was designed for viewers to perceive the graduation video in a particular way. This ambivalent environment is a translation of true contradiction in space. It’s intentionally narrowing down the space towards the video screen, which is the only light source in the installation. From this screen stares the face of a viewer, observer – she is a subject and an object at the same time. She is staring at her own screen, therefore not looking at us, but the screen being the only boundary between us creates the illusion of her gaze going beyond the screen.
This gaze and the light invites us inside the narrowing dark space. The mirror wall on the left side is reflecting the deconstructed image in several angles at the same time, playing tricks with our perception of space while moving towards the viewpoint.
When reaching it, we already feel on the edge of several boundaries at the same time: it’s not clear, whether the space is open or closed, dark or light. The designed viewpoint is exactly on the narrowest point of the installation, from where the space opens up with missing side walls – leaving us in an insecure position exposed only to the gaze from the screen.
The video plays pulsing bass sounds and the blending images are slowly scrolling down, together with various words. These words are inconsistent and mixed up as if they were representing the viewer’s thoughts, trying to grasp the meaning of the seen image collage but being interrupted by random associations and distractions. In an irregular intervals the video flips and becomes a mirrored reflection of the presented reality. However, this reflection is not the precise copy of the reflected side. It’s a paradox.

The whole experience is supposed to let us dive into comfortable, yet disturbing space, where everything exists in multiple dissonant reflections.

installation of the graduation project “#apathy #survival #whatever”
design: Lenka Hamosova

Dialetheia Graduation Show 2014
26th–29th June 2014
Tollhuistuin, Amsterdam Noord
curator: Agata Jaworska