The Yearbook: Enter the Year 2013-2014

The official launch of Sandberg Instituut’s Design department yearbook “Enter the Year: 2013-14”, which I designed, took place during the Graduation Show ‘SOMEWHERE BETWEEN CAN AND RUIN’, on Thursday 18th June 2015 at 7pm, Burgerweeshuis, IJsbaanpad 1 – 5, Amsterdam.

commissioned by the Sandberg Instituut, design: Lenka Hamosova

„This greatly designed book reads like a rollercoaster diving into all those layers that are making a vibrant education. Lenka Hamosova has intuitively edited all layers that made one academic year. She shows how the individual and the collective, and how the personal and the global are in constant relation. The publication as a whole shows how design is a means to express, to reflect and to engage; how design is in between things.“

(Annelys de Vet)