Cyber Island: Speed-Show


Past ≤ Now! ≥ Future
A One-Night Art Show in an Internet Café

„Internet cafés generally tend to evoke a broad range of emotions as varied as the cafés themselves. Nostalgia for those who remember the bulky non-flat monitors; delight for those who encounter these cafés in tiny hamlets in the middle of nowhere; amazement for those who witness a vast space filled with dozens of computers, all of them occupied; fear for those who happened to walk into a place that pretends to be an internet café while in fact, you’d prefer not to know what businesses are being run from the computers installed there; and contempt – for cafés in your neighbourhood.“
(Olia Lialina: Still There )

The current business model of an internet café will probably not exist that much longer (at least not in Central Europe). That’s why this show aims to provide a sort of snap-shot to appreciate the internet café as something of a non-place with its strange aesthetics.

Through the work of eight young international artists and designers, the internet café as a place will be reanimated and put into a modern context.
The various Internet Art works show, deliberate, explain and question current internet phenomena. There will be websites, videos, performance videos and installations.

03.02.2016 (Wednesday)
7-10 pm
Internet Café
Kleine Ulrichstraße 7
Halle (Saale)