Design Feedback Sessions @ De Punt, Amsterdam

I was approached to organize a “design feedback session” for bachelor students of Maastricht Academy of Design, Media and Technology as a part of their Design minor. The session was designed to help with the concept-development of their projects during the design part of the storytelling assignment.

What role does actually design play in between other disciplines, such as journalism and programming?

The students had to meet with various professionals (journalists, designers and programmers) outside the school environment to get an “innocent-eyes” feedback on their project and to crowdsource inspiration from different fields. As an independent designers mostly focused on the self-initiated research-based projects, we jumped in their process and offered critical feedback stressing the importance of a solid visual strategy. After the lecture on visual strategies with short introduction to our shared background from the Sandberg Instituut, there was a space for the feedback, analysing the projects and brainstorming the possible strategies.

Design Feedback Session #1 | 5 Jan 2016 | @ De PUNT, Amsterdam
Design Feedback Session #2 | 21 Mar 2016 | @ De PUNT, Amsterdam

Participating lectors/designers: Lenka Hamosova, Stefan Schäfer, Yin Aiwen & Polina Medvedeva.
Participating students: Maastricht Academy of Design, Media and Technology

poster for DFS#2. design: Lenka Hamosova