Together with S†ëfan Schäfer we developed this 5 days long workshop on the relevance of images in (graphic) designer’s practice. We were invited by the Academy in Bratislava to give the workshop in Typolab (Typographic Laboratory led by Palo Bálik). With this workshop we triggered a discussion about the conscious use of images in graphic design discipline and a critical approach towards their meaning. The workshop’s results were exhibited and presented to the public, leading to valuable feedback and satisfaction for the students.

“In almost every situation in daily life we are surrounded by a tremendous amount of images. Some we take ourselves for instance with cameras of our smartphones, tablets or other devices; others circulate within digital uncertainty to end up in the form of jpgs on our screens at home on the computer, on the way on our phones, to others we are exposed in public space in form of advertising, propaganda, street art, etc. In all, the digital and the physical are in an immediate and constant coexistence. It is up to ourselves to find a pathway through this visual jungle consisting of an image overload, by realising the relevance of images and its diverse types, specific usage, context, habitats in order to make them your own as powerful tools.”

A workshop on visual literacy and the power of images
— flickering between google images, memes, paintings,
rap videos and propaganda.

18th – 22nd April 2016 at VSVU/Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Typolab, Bratislava, Slovakia

By Lenka Hamosova and S†ëfan Schäfer

Participating students:
Alžbeta Halušková, Jakub Dušička, Jakub Lysý, Kristína Jandová,
Ester Nemcová, Filip Ciho, Zuzana Uhalová, Tereza Maco

Special thanks to Palo Bálik, the department of Visual Communication and Filip Vančo/Photoport Gallery.

exhibition at Photoport Gallery

All the physical works exhibited in the gallery originated in a randomly chosen online image. It’s meaning got translated to the physical form, from the online to the offline world. Examples:

Slovná hračka (play on words) – Jakub Lysý

Trust me, I’m an engineer – Filip Ciho

Die Dönerbretzel – Jakub Dušička

personal fb newsfeed – Zuzana Uhalová

Just lick it – Tereza Maco