Days of Architecture & Design | talk about the transparency of architecture visualizations

I gave a talk on the transparency of architecture visualizations as part of Days of Architecture & Design 2019 in Primate’s Palace, Bratislava.

The talk explained the motivation of a research designer to engage in analysis of architecture visualizations and related PR visual strategies, presented part of the analysis and raised several important questions:

  • What happens when the advertising strategies mix with other forms of visual communication, for instance architecture visualizations?
  • Where is the thin line between portraying an artist’s vision and transparently informing the public about future city development?
  • What level of “beauty standards” are required for an image (doesn’t matter whether it’s a selfie or an architecture visualization) to successfully circulate on the internet?
  • What challenges is the transparency of visual communication facing and going to face in the future?
  • To what level should the public be engaged in urban planning and major city development decisions?
  • How can designers collaborate with architects for better communication of architecture projects?
  • Can we use virtual reality and open data to help elevate the transparency of architecture visualization?

29/05/2019 17:30 Primaciálny Palác, Bratislava, Slovakia
part of the DAAD 2019 programme
co-organised with Slovak Design Centre